Email integration

Email integration

Email integration

Email Notifications for Detailed KPI Analysis

For those who prefer a comprehensive breakdown of KPI anomalies delivered directly to their inbox, BoostKPI’s email alerting offers a customizable solution. Tailor your alerts to pinpoint exact changes in data, from threshold breaches to mean-variance fluctuations, and have detailed reports sent to specified email addresses. This facilitates not just immediate awareness but also provides a record for deeper analysis and future reference.

Email alert

Whether it’s a daily summary or an immediate alert on a critical threshold being crossed, BoostKPI’s email notifications are designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow, ensuring you and your stakeholders are always informed and equipped to take data-backed actions.

Email Alerts Documentation

Learn how to configure custom email alerts with BoostKPI by consulting our detailed documentation, and for inspiration on alert setups, don’t miss the "Example BoostKPI Alert Configurations" featured on our blog.