Compare BoostKPI with popular analytical tools
Compare BoostKPI with other analytical tools
Key differences

Compare BoostKPI with other analytical tools

BoostKPI offers a range of additional features designed to empower your team in making faster, more informed decisions.

BoostKPIPower BI Tableau Anodot Looker SisuData

Business Intelligence and Visualization

Basic timeseries charts+++++
Advanced Visualization (like Bubble Charts)+++
Visualize high level trends+++++
Customizable Dashboards++++++
Collaboration and ability to share dashboards+++++

Set up and integration

Easy Integration++++++
SQL Editor to create rich views that join multiple data sources++++++
CSV support to test use cases++++++
Surface insights in high dimensional data++++

AI/ML capabilities

Driver analysis that scales to millions of segments++
Granular detection and alerting on KPI anomalies++++
Smart routing of alerts based on root causes+
Granular forecasts++

Additional differences

Hosted solution++++++